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February 15th, 2007
written by Betty Morgan, "special features editor"

Nikon D80 Educational Resources

Nikon D80 Made Easy by Elite Video

Nikon D80 Made Easy by Elite Video uses photo examples and close-up views of handling all the Nikon D80 dials and menus that few of us know everything about. This camera does so many things that are explained in detail without having to use the complicated and confusing Nikon D80 manual.

The section on "white balance" is essential in creating a better photograph. With your camera in hand, it's easy to follow the instructor right through each DVD training session.

Film speed, grain, depth of field, ISO sensitivity, and long exposure noise reduction make this 2 volume DVD set worth every penny of the purchase price.

The instructors are real world photographers who share all the secrets that they know about getting great professional results. Be sure to check out Disc 2, Chapters 7 and 8 for some insights and answers to questions that you've always wanted to know about lenses and depth of field soft focus backgrounds.

Disc 1
Chapter 1 Installing the Battery, SD Card, and Lens
Walk Around of Camera

Chapter 2
Setting Date & Time
Shooting Menu, Image Quality, Image Size
Color Matrix Metering Option
Center Weighted Area Option
Spot Metering Area Option
Setting Exposure Compensation

Chapter 3 Mode Dial
Shutter Priority

Chapter 4 All About ISO
After viewing this chapter, all the mystery of taking photographs and using the right ISO will be clear!

Chapter 5
Positioning your Camera
Playback Mode

Chapter 6
AF-AE Lock
Shooting Great Pictures in Auto Mode

Chapter 7
WB Preset
AF Area Mode

Chapter 8
Exposure Compensation

Disc 2
Chapter 1 Bracketing
Exposure Bracketing
White Balance Bracketing

Chapter 2 Optimize Functions
Custom set
B & W
Slide Show Options

Chapter 3 Flash Control
Redeye Reduction
Night Redeye Reduction
Motion Shot
Flash Compensation

Chapter 4 Playback Menu
Deleting Images
Playback Folder Selection
Print Set
Shooting Menu
Multiple Exposure Settings

Chapter 5 Custom Menu Settings
Auto Focus Area Mode
Center Auto Focus
Auto Focus Assist
ISO Auto
vExposure Compensation
Self Timer
MB D80 Batteries

Chapter 6 Setup Menu
Format SD Card
LCD Brightness
Language Options
Protect Images

Chapters 7 and 8 contain valuable information in how to create soft focus backgrounds, which lens is the BEST for projects, which lens to spend your money on and how much it will cost... it's like having your own private consultation with two pro users.

Personally, I prefer a movie, QuickTime, Flash or DVD for any type of training. Seeing someone do it and then copying their instructions makes for a fast learning curve. These DVDs combined with the Nikon D80 eBooks, makes
The D80 Made Easy by Elite Video a must-have in my educational library.

Cost: $59
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