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Why iPad 2 *must* be dual-core.
(UPDATE: it is.)

Originally posted Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011, by rob-ART morgan, mad scientist

I've been "playing" with the Atrix phone and Xoom tablet the last few days. Check out this SunSpider Javascript benchmark results. (Lower number is faster; RED bar is fastest.)

As of 10:20AM PST, March 2nd, it is official. The iPad 2 has a dual-core processor. Apple claims the iPad 2 is 2X faster than the iPad 1. With both running iOS 4.3, the iPad 2 is only 34% faster running Javascript. (For more performance data, see our iPad 1 vs iPad 2 shootout.)

See the specs for the iPad 2 and compare them to specs of the iPad 1.

MOTOROLA XOOM TABLET vs iPAD 2 (updated March 31st)
> Both the Xoom and the iPad 2 have dual-core processors.
> The Xoom has a 16:9 aspect ratio screen (1280x800) which is great for movies but not ideal for book reading. The iPad's screen is 4:3 aspect ratio (1024x768) which is fine for books but not so ideal for movies.
> The Xoom has a 5.0MP back facing camera. The iPad 2 has a 0.7MP back facing camera -- fine for 720p video but anemic for still photos.
> There are only a handful of apps that use the full Xoom screen in high rez. The iPad has 65,000 iPad "native" hi-rez apps.
> The Xoom price is $599 with 2yr contract with Verizon. That includes 32GB of flash storage (not 64G as earlier reported), 3G support, and free future upgrade to 4G LTE. Apple will charge $729 for iPad 2 with 32GB of storage and 3G support but no contract is required. There is no 4G LTE upgrade option for the iPad 2, free or otherwise.

(check out MacObserver's Xoom vs iPad comparison chart.)

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