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SHOOTOUT: iPad 2 versus
iPad 1 and iPhone 4

Originally posted Saturday, March 19th, 2011, by rob-ART morgan, mad scientist

We finally got some hands-on time with the iPad 2. Here's a summary of what we've learned so far running various benchmarks.

Geekbench 2
Measures CPU integer, floating point, and memory speed.

SunSpider Javascript benchmark tests the Javascript "engine" in your iPad or iPhone. It runs in your iPad or iPhone browser (Safari). We included the Verizon/Motorola Xoom tablet and ATT/Motorola Atrix phone (Android devices) in this particular graph.

OpenGL Extensions Viewer
Measures OpenGL graphics speed. There are four different animations that run to give you frame rates. We turned on Transparency, Multisampling, MipMap, Anisotropic filtering. Then we ran the "Cubes" test.

GLBenchmark 1.1
You can select among 36 different GPU and CPU tests. We are featuring the results for Multi-Textured Fill Rate.

The iPad 2 is significanltly faster than the iPad 1 running CPU and GPU intensive functions. Some simple graphics functions were not faster. And memory tests showed no gains. Overall performance is noticeable even on a subjective level.

The iPad 2 has twice the memory of the iPad 1 (512M vs 256M). The iPhone 4 has 512M.

The most frustrating thing about the new iPad 2 is the shortage of supplies at the Apple Retail Store and long waiting time when ordering online.

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