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BareFeats, Robert Arthur Morgan
Dies at 77 

APRiL 13th, 2022 

The prolific BareFeats APPLE Computer & Product Reviewer Robert Arthur 'Rob ART' Morgan passed away on March 12, 2022, 77 years young, at home in Portland, OR.

Robert Arthur Morgan, RobART, BareFeats Writer, Dies March 12, 2022

Robert Arthur "Rob ART" Morgan

For the last three decades, Rob ART has been the Mad Mac Scientist, creator of the BareFeats website, where he combined his love of speed and Apple computers to report "Bare Facts on Mac Speed Feats."

Robert Arthur Morgan pursued the TRUTH in all things APPLE/MAC with honesty, good manners, and unfailing fairness in his evaluations of products, whether great or small. His way of doing business and writing his BareFeats evaluations provided precious, rare, and valued information for manufacturers, business clients, and faithful readers. He tested Apple Products along with hard drives, graphic cards, and a plethora of accessories to make APPLE Computers run FASTER and meet the designing needs of Apple/MAC users worldwide with greater power, control, and efficiency.

TRUTH Never "Click-Bait"
Faithful BareFeats readers learned how and what to buy for their businesses by reading his weekly reviews and saved money by being able to make wise decisions based on FACTS rather than the advertising hype. Readers trusted Rob ART because he only posted the TRUTH and not "click-bait." Product designers allowed him to test their designer products before marketing, and his insights provided manufacturers and end-users with information to create more refined products.

His love of family (LoveYourParentsToDEATH), friends, comedy, movies, cartooning (BareFootOnTheROCK), and all things Apple/Mac was evident in his everyday life. But above all else: Rob ART's love for GOD caused him to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone, in every way, every day.

Born August 1944, in Puunene, Maui, Rob ART considered Wailuku his hometown. He graduated from Kalani High School, Honolulu. He earned a BA in Psychology from California Baptist University and a Master of Religious Education at the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Rob ART served as pastor in churches in California and Honolulu, HI. He listed his recreations as cartoonist and comedian, often combining both to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which he was passionate about sharing.

obert Arthur Morgan is survived by his devoted wife, Betty Morgan; brother, Harry Morgan; sister, Clarissa Trammell; Children: Denise Morgan, Stephanie Morgan, Jeff Burns, and "spiritual daughter," Claudia Oliveira; grandchildren: Mariana Karnesky, Vincent Miller, Christopher Miller, Robert Edward Morgan, Jessica Burns, and Johnny Cash Burns; great-grand-daughter, Rozalia Karnesky; many cousins, nieces, and nephews; good friends; and valued readers of BareFeats.com.

Rob ART described success in one of his journals as:

"Finding out what GOD has for you to do, doing it with Him, and seeing it thru... and when you die, knowing you could stand before Him with no excuses or regrets." 

Rob ART was a kind, humorous and positive soul; we have drawn inspiration from his example of living. We will rejoice the day in heaven when we laugh with him and hug him again.  

Rob ART Morgan was extraordinary... he will be missed, but we are grateful for the time we had with him and the impact he has, even now, on ALL OUR LIVES!

Rob ART Mini Copper JCW

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