How does the new Formac ProFormance 3 compare to the Orion RAGE 128 and 3Dfx Voodoo3?
First Posted 9/15/99.
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First, some 2D tests...
(orange bar means fastest in each test)



Next, some 3D tests...
(orange bar means fastest in each test)


It's significant to note that both the Orion and ProFormance are capable of running in 32 bit mode in UNREAL without any significant speed penalty. Voodoo2 & 3 are limited to 16 bit. Ironically, the Voodoo boards make the game look better in 16 bit than the NON-Voodoo cards do in 32 bit.


Conclusion: Wow! I was amazed at the 2D speed of the ProFormance, especially in a "bus-speed-challenged" Power Mac 7500. The 3D speed was impressive, too. I can't wait to see what it does with OpenGL, once they release those drivers.

If those prove stable, it could replace the ATI RAGE 128 as the "best all around" graphics board. Here's a thought: How about a ProFormance 3 coupled with a Voodoo2 board since they can share the same monitor?


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graphics chip
video memory


Apple's "accelerated" 2D
4 MB

ATI Orion

RAGE 128
16 MB

MicroConversions Game Wizard

3Dfx Voodoo2
12 MB

3Dfx 2000 PCI

3Dfx Voodoo3
16 MB

Formac ProFormance 3

3Dlabs Permedia3 chip
16 MB

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