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MacBook 2.2GHz "Rosa"
versus three rival Mac laptops

Originally posted December 7th, 2007, by rob-ART morgan, mad scientist

This is our fourth installment of tests for the new 13" MacBook 2.2GHz "Santa Rosa." If it has the same processor as the current MacBook Pro running at the same clock speed, wouldn't it run apps just as fast that are CPU intensive?

MacBook Pro 2.4 = MacBook Pro C2D "Rosa" 2.4GHz
MacBook Pro 2.2 = MacBook Pro C2D "Rosa" 2.2GHz
MacBook 2.2 = MacBook C2D "Rosa" 2.2GHz
MacBook 2.16 = MacBook C2D 2.16GHz
(All three systems had 2GB of RAM (two matching 1GB SODIMMs)

If you are running apps that are purely CPU crunching, the 13" Macbook 2.2GHz C2D "Santa Rosa" really does match closely the performance of a similarly clocked MacBook Pro. And the expandability to 4GB is helpful with memory hungry apps like Photoshop and Compressor.

That being said, don't overlook the key advantages of the MacBook Pro when making your laptop buying decision:
1. The screen is larger on the MacBook Pro (15" and 17" vs 13").
2. The keyboard is backlit on the MacBook Pro.
3. There is an ExpressCard slot on the MacBook Pro.
4. The Graphics Processor on the MacBook Pro is much faster and has dedicated VRAM.
5. The MacBook Pro is encased in aluminum. The MacBook is encased in a polycarbonate shell.
6. The MacBook Pro's keyboard has a much better feel and facilitates faster, more accurate typing.
7. The MacBook Pro as a FireWire 800 Port.
8. The 15" MacBook Pro weighs only 6.4 ounces (181 grams) more than the 13" MacBook.
9. The 15" MacBook Pro comes with twice as much standard memory (2GB vs 1GB).

A used or refurbished 15" MacBook Pro C2D should be strongly considered if you are a price sensitive consumer that wants the most laptop for the dollar.

See our test pages on professional graphics and high rez gaming with the new 13" MacBook versus others.

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