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2019 Mac Pro with Pro Caddy V and three striped HDDs

April 2nd, 2021 by rob-ART morgan, mad scientist

Trans International uses the Pro Caddy V to stuff and stripe three HDDs inside your 2019 Mac Pro.

Trans International Pro Caddy V


Blackmagic = Blackmagic Disk Speed Test
ATTO = ATTO Disk Benchmark

AJA System = AJA System Test

2019 Mac Pro 12-core 3.30GHz Xeon W-3235 CPU, 96GB of 2933 MHz DDR4 ECC memory along with Pro Caddy V, power cables, data cables, 3 TOSHIBA 8TB HDDs, and ARECA ARC-1883ix-12 SAS RAID controller.

RAID 0 - Large Sequential READ
Three HDDs in a RAID 0 array. (HIGHER MB/s = FASTER)

Trans International Pro Caddy V

RAID 0 - Large Sequential WRITE
Three HDDs in a RAID 0 array. (HIGHER MB/s = FASTER)

Trans International Pro Caddy V

Below is a 2019 Mac Pro with the Pro Caddy V that holds up to 10 SSDs.

Trans International Pro Caddy V


The Trans International Pro Caddy V provides a way to add multiple HDDs (and SDDs) inside the 2019 Mac Pro. This article features three striped HDDs.

Power is provided by a connector cable array that plugs into the power port on the backplane. The data connectors came from a cable plugged into the ARECA ARC-1883ix-12 SAS RAID controller installed in an x16 PCIe slot.

Trans International makes six different Pro Caddy Vs designed to hold various types of drives. Back in September 2020 we tested with 10 SSDs which produced READ speeds as high as 4084 MB/s and WRITE speeds as high as 2921 MB/s.

Though we used 8TB HDDs in this test, you can purchase 18TB HDDs ($600 each) with speeds up to 227MB/s each. There are also 18TB SSDs ($2700 each) with speeds up to 2100MB/s each.

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