BARE FEATS tests..
...the new iMac
against other recent models of Macintosh

First posted 10/10/99
1999 Rob Art Morgan, editor of BARE FEATS

First some CPU & FPU tests...

Next some 2D tests...

Now some 3D Game tests...

Finally some Disk tests...

I was impressed with the new iMac G3/400's speed. It's a big improvement over the iMac "C" with 333MHz G3, but it's still not quite a match for the Blue and White G3/400, especially when it comes to 2D and 3D. And as you might expect, it gets smoked big time when trying to compete with a G4 running Photoshop.


  • I tested two different Yikes G4/400's. One had a Western Data drive and the other had a Quantum drive. Notice the WDC drive was much faster. Better hope you get that one.
  • Anyone who says the RAGE 128 in the new iMac is the same as the ATI RAGE 128 PCI boards is mistaken on two counts. One, ATI says they are different. Two, my tests show it to be slower.

Test Configurations & Procedures

Chart Name

CPU and Graphics
Hard Drives

Graphite G4/400

Graphite "Yikes" G4/400 with RAGE 128 card from factory
Tested with three drives: WDC Caviar 10g,
Quantum CX 10 g
& WDC Expert 18g

B&W G3/400 rev 2

Blue and White G3/400 with Orion RAGE 128*
(12 gig -- not tested)

iMac G3/400 DVD

Orange iMac G3/400 DVD with soldered VR RAGE 128
WDC Caviar 10g

iMac G3/333

Blueberry iMac G3/333 with soldered RAGE Pro
WDC 6g
*Since the Blue & White was actually a Rev 1, I "upgraded" it to a Rev 2 by replacing the graphics board with an Orion RAGE 128, which is essentially the same as the board shipped in Rev 2 Blue & Whites sans DVD decorder socket.

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1999 Rob Art Morgan, editor of BARE FEATS
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