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Originally posted Thursday, December 23rd, 2010, by rob-ART morgan, mad scientist

I've come up with a list of 10 cool products that are literally small enough to fit in a sock. Whether you give them for Christmas or buy them for yourself, you will be blessed.

Griffin Technology Stylus for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. I own three different brands of stylus, but this is the best. Great for sketching or handwriting apps.

elago S4 BREATHE Case for iPhone 4 is my current favorite. It protects yet preserves the thin form factor of the iPhone 4.

LaCie iamaKey USB 2.0 Flash Drive that fits on your key ring. It comes in 4G, 8G, and 16G capacities. Great way to keep your critical files close by and secure in case of disaster. (Use FileGuard to encrypt them in case the key is lost.)

OCZ Technology Enyo Series 128 GB USB 3.0 Solid State Drive is a full speed SSD that's slim, USB3 compatible -- yet also works with USB2. It's a great companion for the new MacBook Air or to a MacBook Pro with a USB3 host adapter from CalDigit (which supports all brands of USB3 storage).

G-Tech G-DRIVE Slim USB 2.0 320 GB Portable External Hard Drive if you just want a more affordable, higher capacity storage for your Mac with similar slim industrial aluminum design as the Enyo.

Trans International ProStor725 is the newest of the versatile quad-port notebook enclosures. It sets a new standard in compact, light-weight design using aluminum (instead of plastic). Whether running a notebook size SSD or HDD, you can connect it to eSATA, FireWire or USB ports on your Mac. It comes with a unique eSATA/USB combo cable.

CalDigit USB3 ExpressCard and USB3 PCIe card. This is the brand of adapter to buy if you want all brands of USB3 high-speed enclosures to work on your Mac. They provide connection speeds as fast or faster than the alternatives.

Sonnet Technology Tempo eSATA Pro ExpressCard. The operative word is "Pro." It's faster than any other eSATA ExpressCard by far.

Seagate Constellation.2 enterprise-class notebook drive is the first to provide both 1TB capacity and high performance. It's available with both SATA and SAS interface. We have clocked the SATA version at 120MB/s. One caution: it is 15mm thick. It won't fit in most laptops but fits in most enclosures including the Icy Dock (which converts it to 3.5 form factor).

OWC Mercury Extreme Pro RE SSD is the fastest 2.5" notebook size drive you can buy. This is an enterprise-class SSD. It not only comes in various capacities but is offered in consumer level versions at lower prices.

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