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The 700 Club: eMac versus iMac versus iBook

Posted July 11th, 2002

According to the specifications, the eMac G4/700 should be just as fast as the iMac G4/700. But is it? And what about the iBook G3/700? How does it compare? And I know some of you are going to ask, how does the PowerBook G4/667 relate? So here's all four:



The iBook wins big on these two tests:

** BEFORE you read the CONCLUSION, check out PAGE TWO with 3D GAMING results. **



The eMac G4/700 equaled the iMac G4/700 in every way but internal hard drive speed (9MB/sec versus 30MB/sec). That and the flat screen make the iMac G4 the overall performance winner of the three.

The iBook was surprisingly fast on certain non-AltiVec tests (Bryce, C4D, Unreal Tournament). It must be due to the larger L2 cache.

You'll have to excuse me if I don't get excited about the eMac. The plastic shell looks thin and cheap. The screen is blurry and flickers at any setting above 1024x768 (nullifying the advantage of 17" screen). It's like an iMac on steroids -- scary.


The test units were provided courtesy of CompUSA of Honolulu. They are a good source to purchase all three products. Watch for "manager's specials" (returns, demo, refurbs, etc).

Check also with, who has faithfully supported this Bare Feats for many moons. They have refurbished iMacs and iBooks with 12 month warranty if you want to save even more.

When ordering products from Apple Store USA, please click THIS TEXT LINK or any Apple display ad as your "portal" to the online store. In so doing, you help to support Bare Feats.



The test units included the Apple eMac G4/700, iMac G4/700, iBook G3/700, and PowerBook G4/667 (rev C). All tests were run under OS X (10.1.5) and with 640MB of RAM. The test apps were installed on a Cutie portable FireWire case kit (courtesy of running the IBM Travelstar 40GNX 40GB drive (sold to Bare Feats by --- which, by the way, ran faster than the internal hard drive of all three test computers!



MacSpeedZone compared the eMac G4/700 to the iMac G4/700.

The new IBM Travelstar 40GNX rocks! I tried it in FOUR different portable FireWire case kits. And compared it to FIVE other popular 2.5 inch drives.

The PowerBook G4/800 gets put through its paces in the Bare Feats lab. (Includes the G3/700 iBook, as well as old & new G4/667.)

How Fast Is The New iMac G4/800? (NEW G4/800 Power Mac results added for comparison including Final Cut Pro 3.0 test.)

Test results on the Titanium PowerBook G4/667 rev B versus the rev A versus iBook 2001 rev A & B.


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