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Cyber Monday by Bare Feats

Updated December 1st, 2014 by rob-ART morgan, mad scientist

Trans International has Memory and Storage Specials.

Other World Computing has Holiday Specials.

PowerMax has Super Bundles.

Edit Builder offers 'souped up' Mac Pros.

Adobe has a Creative Cloud Promotion.

Amazon has deals on Hard Drives and deals on Computer Products.

MacMall has Discounts on Macs. See also their discounts on iPads.

Sony - Computers & Electronics has 50% off on Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones and many other deals.

MacVidCards has a great selection of fast Graphics Processors for Mac Pro Towers.

Deals on 4K Displays
I recommend a quality 4K display with IGZO panel like the
ASUS PQ321Q 31.5 inch 4K UHD display which can be purchased from PowerMax or from Amazon for $1499.

Dell is selling a 5K display (UP2715K) for $2499.99. It runs at 3840x2160 with one DisplayPort but requires dual DisplayPort cables to run at 5120x2880. It should work in 4K mode on the iMac 5K and 'late 2013' Mac Pro via Thunderbolt, but to run in 5K mode, you'll likely need something like the GeForce GTX 980 with dual DisplayPorts.

I do NOT recommend the cheaper 4K TN panel displays like the Samsung U28D590D and ASUS PB287Q for anything but gaming whether you are adding one to the iMac 5K or a Mac Pro.

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  • PowerMax not only sells new and used Macs, but will give you a generous trade-in offer on your old Mac.



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