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Software Cinema Introduces
Dean Collins On Lighting - Live at Brooks Institute of Photography

Originally posted April 7th, 2007 by Special Features Editor, Bet-TAY Morgan

Software Cinema, the leading software training company, instructs digital photographers, videographers and graphic artists, by the re-release of Dean Collins on Lighting Live at Brooks Institute of Photography onto DVD. Produced from video to the high-quality DVD format, this 1.75 hour tutorial created for amateur and professional photographers covers fundamental and advanced lighting techniques that can be applied to digital or standard photography. 

Techniques taught include:
lighting techniques for portraiture
product & fashion photography on small & large sets
studio object & product photography set-ups

Dean Collins is not only informative, but his conversational style of lecturing keeps you interested, motived, and energized about photographic lighting. Dean Collins On Lighting - Live at Brooks Institute of Photography is an easy to understand DVD and helps viewers to be even better photographers. I never got to see Dean Collins when he lectured before, but with the new technology that allows video to be transferred to DVD, I'm able to be a student at his 1991 lecture in Santa Barbara any time I want by simply using my computer's DVD player.

I loved the last series that Software Cinema produced, The Best of Dean Collins On Lighting, and this DVD, Dean Collins On Lighting - Live at Brooks Institute of Photography, is another winner for those of us who want to understand how the tools and fixtures are used and placed as lighting elements for a photograph.

Create Lighting Equipment Accessories
What I enjoy about Dean Collins is that he shares the inexpensive ways he created lighting filters, scrims, light boxes, etc. out of everyday items. This alone is the main reason to purchase this DVD. Really, he explains about how to create scrims, filters and frames items that can be purchased at hardware stores, architectural suppliers and sign making shops. Once you know how to create and design these items, you'll be amazed at how much you'll save in equipment. For me, it means I can afford all the "goodies" that I've put off buying from the high-end "name brand photographic companies".

"But Can't I Do That With Photoshop?"
Yes, many of lighting techniques can be added or eliminated in a photograph using Photoshop. But if I can get an almost perfect photograph on location, it will save me time at the computer. After all, it's better to learn professional lighting techniques before you miss that great shot... or spend hours at the computer trying to fix the mistake.

Actual Lighting Set-Ups Illustrated
Through the use of detailed diagrams and a variety of images, this program shows important keys to the control of photographic lighting. Dean uses a variety of subjects in his examples, such as portraits in studio and outside, table top illustration, lighting a car, and fashion outdoors. He shows how to direct light with light boxes, scrims and mirrors. He even shows his ratio system for controlling the color and brightness of backgrounds.
The mystery of creating believable water droplets in a whole new clean way is also a WINNER! I can use this in my food photographs NOW!

I learned how to bend, bounce and control light to make objects take on a whole different expression in the final photograph... again simply using inexpensive reflectors and homemade panel scrims.

Dean Collins Teaching Lives On
Dean Collins taught not only how see the light, but how to move it, bend it and most importantly control it, no matter where or when we create images. He was a brilliant educator and often referred to as the finest presenter in the industry. With a combination of wit and the ability to reduce complicated concepts to workable solutions, he was the “Dean” of Photographic Education. Dean is the founder of Software Cinema.

For every Dean Collins On Lighting - Live at Brooks Institute of Photography DVD purchased, a portion of proceeds will go to Cure Search.

Since the loss of Dean Collins to cancer, Software Cinema has become proactive in the support of cancer research. In Dean’s honor, the company now partners with CureSearch, the largest pediatric cancer research organization. CureSearch unites the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) and the National Childhood Cancer Foundation (NCCF) through a shared mission to cure and prevent childhood and adolescent cancer through scientific discovery and compassionate care.

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