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September 25th, 2007
written by Bet-TAY Morgan, "special features editor"

How to Wow - Best of Photoshop CS3

a CD-ROM With Jack Davis

Let one of the greatest teachers of Photoshop gives you a tour of Photoshop CS3. This training is packed with indispensable insights, techniques and time-savers to make your experience in Photoshop CS3 more productive. Jack will demonstrate the new Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, Smart Filters, Quick Select Tools, Photomerge and more.

Session 01 : Essentials of the New Bridge (38 minutes) 
Another overview of the CS3 new Bridge, including the workflow time-saver Photo Downloader, the indispensable Filter Panel, the new Loupe, Compare and Stacks Views, Customized Workspace options, and even some essential lifesavers hidden away in Preferences.

Jack shares a quick and simple way of creating metadata information in the Bridge. This has given me a whole new outlook on filing my photographs so that I can find photo files a year later without having to open every folder. This isn't new to the Bridge, but it's something that I've never seen explained and implemented in a training video.

Session 02 : Essentials of Camera Raw 4 (46 minutes)
This session showcases the incredible breakthroughs pertaining to a streamlined, nondestructive workflow that has come to us in the new Adobe Camera Raw 4, including the indispensable new Healing Brush, Highlight and Shadow Recovery sliders, Vibrance and targeted HSL controls, and the best Black & White and Split Tone features to be found anywhere. Plus more essentials hidden away in Preferences.

Session 03 : Maximizing the Photoshop CS3 New Interface (13 minutes)
This section has some interesting ideas on how to set up the the preferences, shortcuts to pallets, personalization for a speedier workflow... very informative.

Session 04 : Smart Filters, Objects and Adjustments (21 minutes)
WOW! I'm convinced that Camera Raw is valuable and eliminates having 10 copies of the same file. This lesson gets Smart Filters, Objects and Adjustments under your belt. And even though many of its capabilities (that go way beyond simply applying filters) are buried in multiple dialogs, it gives the ability to do virtually everything in one layered file -- from raw tonal adjustments, to retouching, to collaging: without ever permanently altering a single pixel!

My favorites in this section:
Camera Raw Lens Vignetting
Tips on Smart Objects
Bridge Preferences

Session 05 : Quick Select, Refine Edge and Masking Secrets (27 minutes)
This lesson is worth the entire price of the CD! The technique tips in this lesson were awesome! Understanding the Refine Edge Brush is something that every photographer needs especially for hair selection and refinement. The Burn and Dodge Tools used with the Darker Color is the BONUS for fine tuning a selection! Don't miss this tutorial!

Session 06 : Photomerge, Auto Align and Auto Blend (26 minutes)
Learn about a hidden tool option in the Crop Tool. It allows the crop to go back to the original Also, it has some secrets and filters that you will want in your Photoshop CS3 repetoire.
Sooooo Coooooool!

Learn how to combine a group shot and remove or add great exposures from each... great for those family shots or wedding groups where someone isn't smiling or being seen.

Session 07 : Optimized Black & White Conversion in ACR and Photoshop (33 minutes)
Learn all about the NEW Black & White adjustment layer feature in Photoshop CS3!

Session 08 : New Vanishing Point Tips & Tricks (22 minutes)
The new Vanishing Point Tool is amazing and the artistic possibilities are endless. Learn how to add textural and graphic elements to any image.

Session 09 : Soft Proofing and Print Previewing in CS3 (34 minutes)


The Best of Photoshop CS3 by Jack Davis is a great buy for anyone wanting to learn "Beyond the Basics" of Photoshop CS3! You won't be disappointed and you'll learn how to streamline your workflow while taking artistic creativity to a whole new level.

Cost: $125 (not including discounts)
Total Run Time: 4.4 hours)

Order from Software Cinema -- take 15% off through October 5th.

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