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Originally posted September 16th, 2008, by rob-ART morgan, mad scientist

We have often recommended refurbished Apple products in articles as well as in private emails. We decided to expand on that recommendation with some reasons why Apple Factory Refurb is a serious alternative to NEW.

  1. For starters, Apple-certified refurbished products come with the same one year warranty as new products.
  2. Each refurbished iPhone, iPod and Apple TV's warranty can be extended to two years with AppleCare. Each Mac system's warranty can be extended to three years with AppleCare.
  3. Each product undergoes a stringent inspection and qualification process before being offered for sale.
  4. The refurbished products we have purchased for our lab performed and looked like new.
  5. When purchased from the Apple Store, refurbished products are shipped in new packaging and include all manuals and accessories. Nothing is missing.

Apple Factory Refurbished products are even more attractive with recent price drops on the Apple Store. For example...

  1. You can get a 15" 2.4GHz MacBook Pro for as little as $1699.
  2. The 13" 2.2GHz MacBook has dropped to $899.
  3. A refurbished 20" 2.4GHz iMac is going for $999.
  4. The iPod Touch 16G has dropped to $219. The 32G to $319.
  5. You can get a 23" Cinema Display for $749.
  6. Apple TV is going for as little as $199

Apple Online Store

You can go to the Apple Online Store to find Factory Refurbished Macs and Factory Refurbished iPods.

Small Dog Electronics offers Apple Factory Refurbs, Small Dog refurbs, Open Box, and other special deals. See especially their deal on refurbished Mac Pros.

Power Max offers not only Apple Factory Refurbs but includes open box, demos, discontinued, and pre-owned models.

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"BARE facts on Macintosh speed FEATS"
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