How much speed is gained on a G4
AltiVec Plug-ins are used
Photoshop 5.5?
First posted G4/400 results 9/19/99
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Conclusion: AltiVec plug-ins make a significant difference in the speed of the Photoshop effects. In the case of the G4/400 Yikes, activating the AltiVecCore accelerated it at least 48% in the case of the Gaussian Blur and as much as 187% in the case of the Flashlight LightingEffect!

These are not the only 3 functions that AltiVec speeds up. Read Adobe's press release for more.

Thanks to AltiVec "aware" apps like Photoshop and the solution of the ROM Block issue, the G4 release is great news for all power users.

Test Configurations & Procedures


FLASH! The ROM "block" has been BROKEN!

I received a copy of the ROM patching utility from PowerLogix. I ran it on a Blue & White G3/450 (Mac OS 8.6) which had its ROM updated to 1.1f4.

After installing the patch, I popped in a G4/400 ZIF from a G4/400 Yikes. It booted up no problemo and was running at 450MHz (due to the jumper settings on the Blue & White motherboard).

Just for fun I booted from the second drive which had MacOS 9 installed. Launching Photoshop 5.5 with AltiVecCore activated, I ran the Rotate, Gaussian Blur, and Lighting Effects tests. It screamed!

PowerLogix has announced 10/1/99 that they have full AltiVec compatibility with the G4 upgrades. When I tested the patch there was a problem with it under Mac OS 8.6 but it worked fine under Mac OS 9. Now it works with both.

"We created a macro with a large range of typical PhotoShop operations and found that on identically equipped machines, a 4 year old PowerMac 7500 with a G4 could virtually match a brand new PowerMac G4," said Marc Reviel, VP of Engineering.



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