Should I Pump Up My 6100?
Or Sell It & Get An iMac?

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ANSWER: At $439*, the Sonnet G3 board is tempting, but based on the graphics** performance,
you might consider selling the 6100 and
saving up for a $799 iMac***.

* Price of the Sonnet Crescendo G3 for non-AV 6100's is $439 at Other World Computing. The Crescendo 604e goes for $199.

** The graphics speed (zoom, scroll, redraw) of the 6100 with Sonnet boards increases but not nearly enough the match the iMac. This is a classic case of bottlenecks in older technology. A G3 board does not an iMac make. The iMac has a wider system bus (64 bit versus 32 bit), faster system bus (66MHz vs 30MHz) and built-in 2D/3D acceleration (RAVE LT chip vs "nada"). Observe that the Power Mac 7500 with a 604e equals or beats the graphics performance of the 6100 with a G3. Again, it's bus width and speed.

*** If you sell your 6100 including monitor and keyboard for $500, the current average price (according to United Computer Exchange), your net cost for the iMac will be $799 or less (see Absolute Mac for best sources). 

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A BIG ALOHA to Sonnet Technology for providing PDS boards.

© 1998, 1999 Rob Art Morgan, editor of BARE FEATS