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New 867MP versus 1000MP

Originally posted 8/26/02
Mahalo to my remote mad scientist, Greg, for results from his new DDR Dual 1GHz.

Lots of you are asking for test results on the new "low end" Power Mac G4/867MP. Is it that much slower than the G4/1GHz MP? The Dual 1GHz model costs from 21 to 25% more, depending on how you confgure both models. Is it 21 to 25% faster?









If I average all the tests posted above, the 1000MP is 15% faster than the 867MP. When you consider the clock speed is 20% faster and the cost is at least 21% more when comparably equipped, the 867MP a better buy.

The 867MP is an even better deal if you buy it stripped and add memory, hard drives, and etc. from third parties. For example DMS charges $270 for 1GB of PC2100 DDR memory for the 867MP. Apple charges $450 with no credit for the 256MB module you "traded in." Want a 120GB hard drive? Googlegear has them for $143. Apple charges you $200 and gives no credit for the 60GB you "traded in."

As for graphics card, I would stick with the GeForce4 MX or Radeon 9000. With the exception of Quake3 Arena, there's little or no justification for the cost of the GeForce4 Titanium card. For more on that topic, TURN TO PAGE TWO.



The "SDR" Power Mac 1GHz MP had 1GB of PC133 CL2 SDRAM.
The "DDR" Power Mac 1GHz MP had 768MB of PC2700 CL2.5 DDR RAM
The "DDR" Power Mac 867MHz MP had 1GB of PC2100 CL2.5 DDR RAM
All three were running from an IBM 120GXP drive.

For details on each real world test, read "HOW I TEST."




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