Sleek Palm Pilot Accessories

By Betty Morgan, roving editor and reality checker
Posted 7/24/02

2002 Palm Piloting is thinner and faster than ever, yet memory is more expansive than ever. The attachments, plug-ins, and assorted "doo dahs" make it another computer "money pit."

Whether male or female, you'll love the tiny wafer thin m500 Palm Pilot. But if you treat it like me, it can be found in the bottom of a backpack, in a pocket with keys, or in to farthest reaches of a zipper pocket of my Tumi computer bag. This kind of behavior can lead to all types of damage scenarios that I don't even want to imagine. The standard cover that Palm Pilot supplies in its box is a JOKE. Not only will it not stay attached, the screen is easily exposed when shoved into my bags. Therefore, it was imperative to find a suitable covering for my cherished m500.

Embarking on the shopping voyage a la Internet, I could not believe the possibilities available. With so many choices and none available at stores for that "let me touch and feel it first" experience, I decided to find a chat group of people talking about their purchases… the good, the bad, and the ugly! I hit pay dirt right away and began investigating the companies mention. was my final destination. Still nervous about ordering my case without feeling the quality, I placed my order online. I received my package in three days and quickly ripped it open. The contents were dramatic and elegant. The "Titanium" case is the same color as my m500 and is constructed of rigid aircraft-grade aluminum weighing in at 45 grams. It looks like a designer business card case following the sleek curves of the m500. (If you prefer, black is also available for the case color.)

I've had my case for 2 months now and no scratches, mind you, I treat it with some care but I still throw it in my purse with my keys and in pockets with coins and there are no scratches on the case.

My m500 slipped right into the book hinge slot on the left side and snapped into place. I can access the stylus easily, the SD slot and even install memory cards without removing it from the case. The case interior is thinly lined with black neoprene to protect the Palm Pilot. And I found enough room behind my m500 to put 6 business cards. I plan on getting my case engraved with my name.

The price is RIGHT… $39.95. This is a special wholesale offer saving 50% if you buy during this special offer time. Normally the case sells for $79.95. (See ordering info below)

Galen Worldwide also sells a must have for anyone who travels and needs to download or sync from their m500. The Hotsync/Recharge Cable is Galen's "hot travel" device that lets me charge and sync up to my iBook. (Rob Art claims he bought it for his TiBook but I informed him that "ya hasta share." All I have to do is plug the cable into the available USB port on my iBook to sync and recharge simultaneously! The cable uses the same connector as the giant Palm cradle… it's compact and has a one year warranty. So leave that bulky Palm Pilot charger, cable, and power supply at home. Take the compact, light Hotsync/Recharge cable on the road… "Don't leave home without it!"

The best part is that it costs $29.95 right now. Normally, it is $39.95



Galen Worldwide Headquarters

PO Box 320276

San Francisco, CA 94132-0276

Tel: 415.640.0584

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 Wiebetech has FireWire 800 PCI cards for under $50.




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