BARE FEATS asks....
"How does the new Orion RAGE 128 run
on an old PowerMac 7500
with a G3 Upgrade?"
Created 6/17/99 by rob ART morgan (


First, the 2D stuff.


Next, the 3D stuff.



Conclusion: Sell or trade in whatever you got for a RAGE 128 board.
(but before you do that, read about Voodoo3)



Test Equipment & Procedures

Graphics Accelerator

Video RAM

Orion RAGE 128


Game Wizard 3Dfx


ix3D Ultimate Rez


Xclaim VR RAGE Pro





Many thanks to:

ATI Technology for the use of the Orion RAGE 128

Consult Deal Mac for lowest prices on the RAGE 128 boards (and PowerLogix ZIF upgrades). One of my favorite sources is MacGurus -- they specialize in upgrades for cpu, graphics and hard drives. They REALLY know their stuff.

If you want your own copy of MacBench 5.0 , the CD-ROM costs $5 to order from Ziff-Davis.

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