Which is faster, a 2 Gig Jaz drive or an Orb drive?
Posted 4/4/2000
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The Zip 100 isn't big enough any more. Even the Zip 250 isn't big enough for Mac users with Gigs of data to archive or move around. You can burn a CD but that's only 650MB. There's always a DVD-RAM but it takes a long time to back up 5 Gigs at .7MB/sec with verify. That's why the Jaz and Orb are very attractive. They are a FAST way to back up 2 Gigs.


Conclusion: Orb wins.
The Jaz has a reputation for speed but the Orb is faster. The Orb drive with one cartridge costs $250. The Jaz drive without a cartridge costs $350. Extra Orb cartridges cost as little as $25 each. The Jaz cartridges cost $100 each. You do the math.

PCWORLD compares Orb with Jaz and all other removable media drives.

I hear many stories of unreliability regarding both the Orb and Jaz. My own experience has been good with the Orb and bad with the Jaz. Let's say I would not rely on either drive as the only means of backup. I put the most critical documents on a CD-ROM.



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© 2000 Rob Art Morgan, editor of BARE FEATS
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