What is 3 times faster than a Zip and holds 3 times as much as a CD?
Bare Feats speed test of the new ORB 2 gigabyte removable (SCSI) posted 8/21/99.
Updated 8/27/99 with results from Orb connnected to Grappler 906 controller.
Updated 9/7/99 with Jaz 1 gig results and the Orb connnected to an Initio Miles Bluenote controller.

© 1999 Rob Art Morgan, editor of BARE FEATS

Sorry. A Zip drive just doesn't hold enough these days... especially if you are backing up a multi-gig hard drive. And the CD-R's take "forever" to back up only a fraction of a gig. That's why I've been so excited about the promise of the Castlewood ORB drive.

Two gigabyte removable storage with "hard drive" speed for $199? And only $30 per 2 gig cartridge? Sounds too good to be true? Check out the results of my speed tests:



(Note the speed difference below using three different SCSI controllers on the Orb.)


Here's an interesting test. I burned a CD with a bunch of files. Then I dropped the same folders on the Orb drive. Obviously, CD-ROM's make more reliable backup media but they are limited to 650MB. The Orb presents an interesting alternative for backing up a big chuck of data in a big hurry.


Conclusion: Although not quite as fast as a typical sealed hard drive, the Orb is faster than any other removable, recordable medium I've tested. (See comment below about Jaz 2 gig.)

For reliability, it's hard to beat a CD-ROM burner but the Orb is an interesting alternative for quick backup or transfer of data by the gigabyte.




Host Computer

Quantum Fireball SE

IDE ATA/33 Ultra
4 gigabytes
Beige G3/466

Seagate Hawk

Internal Fast Narrow SCSI
4 gigabytes
Power Mac 7500 G3/400

Castlewood Orb "Blue"

Miles Bluenote
Fast SCSI-2
(20MB/sec max)
2 gigabytes
Power Mac 7500 G3/400

Castlewood Orb "Orange"

Grappler 906 PCI
(10MB/sec max)
2 gigabytes
Blue & White G3/450

Castlewood Orb "Beige"

External SCSI-1
(5MB/sec max)
2 gigabytes
Power Mac 7500 G3/400

Iomega Jaz

External Narrow SCSI
1 gigabyte
Beige G3/300

Iomega Zip

External Narrow SCSI
100 megabytes
Power Mac 7500 G3/400
Now don't go saying it's unfair to test on different computers. Even when running the same drive on a 266MHz vs 466MHz Beige G3, there was less than a 10% difference in MacBench and no significant difference in the HDT test. The big difference is seen by changing the type of SCSI controller.


A big MAHALO to...

...Interex for the use of the CarrierZIF G3/400

...MacGurus for the use of the Initio Miles Bluenote Fast SCSI-2 Card

...Nicad for the use of the Grappler 906 SCSI Card & Yosemite G3/450

...Blaine & Ken at STARBULLETIN.COM for use of their Jaz drive & G3/300 MT

...David Tasaka of Lyte-On for the use of his Beige G3 DT with the FireBall 4 gig IDE

A big NO THANK YOU to...

...Castlewood who offered a 18 months of excuses instead of an evaluation unit. I had to buy an Orb drive to get the test results. I purchased it from Cyberian Outpost since they shipped it free and offer full refund within 30 days. But I'm not sending it back. I'm hooked.


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