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MacWorld Expo SF 2008:
What Booths Are "Hot"

Originally posted January 16th, 2008, by rob-ART morgan, mad scientist

There's a lot to see at the Expo but there are some things you don't want to miss. Here's our list of booths on the "must see" list (with the booth number in parenthesis):

Accordance (S-2606) -- Want to find out if "God helps those who help themselves" is really in the Bible? Their software will give you the answer lightning fast. With their study tools, you can become as glib as Mike Huckabee.

Anthro Corporation (S-2320) -- Ever wish you could alternate between standing and sitting when you work? Check out the computer work table that's easily height adjustable.

Aspyr Media (W-4015) -- Lotz of great new games for the Mac including Guitar Hero III, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and The Sims 2: Bon Voyage.

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (S-1338) -- Stop by and say "hi" to the World of Warcraft programmers who know how to squeeze impressive game performance out of the Mac. Ask to see "the sword of a thousand truths."

Elgato Systems (S-2132) -- We use EyeTV 200s (FireWire) to capture live TV feeds on our Macs. We also use them to capture recordings from our DVRs and convert them to AppleTV or iPhone or iPod Touch format. Ask to see a demo of their new version 3 software.

FirmTek, LLC (S-2543) -- They have their new Five-Bay, Hot-Swap, SATA PM Enclosure on display in their booth. They are the only enclosure maker we know that does not use cables to connect the drive to the backplane. Just like with the Mac Pro, each drive tray plugs directly into the backplane.

LaCie (S-2232) -- Ask to see their Little Big Disk Quadra enclosure.

lynda.com (S-1002) -- The best online training resource. We use it all the time.

Microsoft Corp (S-111) -- See Office 2008 demonstrated. We will be doing a three-way shootout between Office X, Office 2004, and Office 2008 in the near future.

Other World Computing (S-2210) -- They have all the stuff you need to "pump" up your Mac including memory, hard drives, graphics card upgrades, and CPU upgrades.

Parallels, Inc. (S-902) -- Ask them to see Parallels running Vista 64 and hardware accelerated games. Ask them if it takes advantage of multiple processors.

Sonnet Technology (S-2512) -- They have the new Fusion F2 portable storage solution on display.

Verizon Wireless (S-2701) -- Stop by this booth, hold up your AT&T iPhone, and go "neener neener, neener."

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