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Miglia MediaBank HS-R:
"Instant Security"

Originally posted 06/05/03 by rob-ART morgan, mad scientist

In the midst of all my enthusiam over the new FireWire 800 enclosures, I took time to test yet another FireWire 400 enclosure, the Miglia MediaBank HS-R. But this one is special. Why? Because you pop two drives in and it AUTOMATICALLY mirrors them. Instant backup!

The transfer speeds are not the news here. The mid 30's transfer rate is average for FireWire 400 drives. What is news is that it can write to both primary and secondary drive simultaneously without any performance penalty. There's no software required. You just install two drives. One drive mounts on your desktop. The other acts as an invisible shadow.

Each drive mounts in a tray with a latch. There's a tumbler key that locks down the trays so the drives don't get accidentally or un-officially removed. The case itself is built like a tank using thick aluminum.

Want a second copy of your primary drive? Romove the secondary tray and put a third tray with yet another drive into the secondary slot. No need to power it down. Just hot swap the replacement. (Then store one of the backup copies off site for maxiumum security.)


Being a speed nut, I wondered if the MediaBank HS-R will be upgraded to FireWire 800 in the near future. The answer is "YES."

If you're satisfied to have FireWire 400, another way to add speed is to buy two MediaBank HS-R's to house a total of four drives. Then you would use Apple's OS X Drive Utility to stripe the two MediaBanks. That way, you have the speed of striping and the security of mirroring. The best of both worlds.


Miglia MediaBank HS-R is available for purchase from various distributors, as well as their online store.

Another Miglia Product I like a lot is the Director's Cut 'Take 2', an anlog to digital conversion box that I've been using to capture my important VHS tapes, editing them, and converting them to DVD's.


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