How much speed do I gain in my Beige G3 if I replace the original 4 gig Fireball with a $199 Maxtor 20 gig drive?
Tested 9/3/99.
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Conclusion: Adding this drive nearly doubled the write speed of the Beige G3. It even outperformed a Yosemite G3/400 whose MacBench rating was 1090 (6 gig Fireball). It's a no brainer for any Mac user with the need for a larger, faster IDE drive.
Test Configurations & Procedures


A big THANK YOU to...

...David Tasaka of Lyte-On for the use of his Beige G3 DT for testing

...PowerLogix for the use of the G3/466 ZIF upgrade

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© 1999 Rob Art Morgan, editor of BARE FEATS
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