"Should I put a Voodoo2 in my iMac B
or buy a 333Mhz closeout?"
First posted 10/28/99
© 1999 Rob Art Morgan, editor of BARE FEATS
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I don't have extensive results on all iMac models but I have enough stats to shed light on the what constitutes the ultimate iMac for gamers:


Gamers who have an iMac A or B, take heart. Adding a Voodoo2 iWizard will give you every bit as much speed as the newest iMac, especially if you max out the RAM. The only downside is lack of support and warranty since the company is defunct that created the card.

Gamers trying to decide between the newest 400MHz iMac DV, the iBook, and the closeout iMac 333, spend the extra dough and get the 400MHz model.

The iBook was hampered by limited memory and only 4MB of VRAM (unexpandable), but take my word for it, this is not a gamers machine.

Get the iMac DV 400 -- the ultimate iMac for gamers -- at least for a few months.

But seriously. Real, hard core gamers will opt for a G4 minitower with a Voodoo3 board!


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Test Configurations & Procedures

Chart Name

CPU and Graphics
Physical RAM/Virtual RAM


G3/300 with ATI RAGE Mobility with 2X AGP (4M)

iMac DV 400

G3/400 with RAGE 128 VR with AGP 2X support (8M)

iMac 333

G3/333 with RAGE Pro (6M)

iMac B Voodoo2

G3/233 with Voodoo2 iWizard (8M)

iMac B

G3/233 with RAGE Pro (6M)

iMac A

G3/233 with RAGE IIc (2M)


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