Can two Ultra2 SCSI Cheetah's outrun a single Ultra ATA/66 Barracuda?
Updated 01/15/2000, Posted 01/14/2000
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My last hard drive test revealed that a single Ultra2 SCSI drive on an Ultra2 controller wasn't any faster than a Ultra ATA/66 drive on an ATA/66 controller. I promised to follow up with a test of two Ultra2 SCSI drives set up in a striped array using SoftRAID. Here's the results:






Conclusion & Commentary
Dual LVD "Ultra2" SCSI drives in a striped array on an Ultra2 controller run significantly faster than a single Ultra2 SCSI drive or an Ultra-ATA/66 drive.

This is no earthshaking discovery. What is earthshaking is the fact that it costs over $1000 to create such a SCSI array (2 drives, 1 controller, RAID software). You have to ask yourself, "Is it worth spending 5 times as much to go a maximum of 2 times faster?" And is the cost justified?

In the days of digital video capture, I would question whether disk speed is critical since you can capture in time lapse mode. And with a G4 Sawtooth capable of 1 gigabyte (or more) of RAM, you would hardly need a Photoshop scratch disk.

Still some readers argue they REALLLLLY need lotza drive speed. If that's true for you, then SCSI is the way to go.


MacGurus for the use of one Cheetah and a Miles2 Ultra2 controller.


Test Configurations & Procedures


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