for Portrait Photographers

Four Training CDs
by Todd Morrison

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CD 1-The Basics

I thought about skipping "The Basics"... I'm not one to follow most recipes. When I'm preparing a meal, I read the contents, add my own ideas, set the temperature and see what happens. (Boom!) In this case, I suppressed my natural tendency. Though I was confident that I already knew the BASICS, I watched and listened... impatiently... at first.

Organizational Skills for Photo Files
If your photo files are everywhere, if you spend more time looking for a file than editing it, this section is for you. Todd Morrison gave me some ideas for naming of photo files that fill my hard drives. His ideas were practical and easy to follow.

The Mystery Removed From Color Management
Regardless of what level photography at which you operate, Color Management is the key. But if you are like me, as soon as I see the Color Management Settings Window in Photoshop 7 with all the choices I have to make, a glaze forms over my brown eyes. I've read books and taken other classes on Photoshop 7, but never really felt confident about the choices I made. Finally someone has explained and illustrated how the selections made in "Working Spaces" will affect my photography!

Short Cuts and Workflow
I know some useful shortcuts, but I didn't know half of what Todd presented. This section was easy to follow. His approach helped convince me even more of the value of shortcuts as way to speed up my workflow.

Hidden Picture Package Options
The secrets that Todd reveals in this section will make you look like a professional even if you are one! This section is worth the cost of this first CD.


CD 2-Intermediate Techniques

Color and Contrast Adjustment
Finding the neutral, taking the mystery out of contrast and color balance... wow! I'm even using curves more! The tips he shares are extraordinary.

Perspective and Crop Techniques
The shortcuts for straightening out perspective misalignment are straightforward. Cropping techniques for creating a white border and squaring a rectangular photo are professional tips that all photographers need to know for producing great prints.

Retouching Fundamentals
Todd gives techniques for making the retouching process FAST! Healing Brush, Patch Tool and Stamp Tool are used effectively and the demonstrations really stuck with me.

Sponge Tool Techniques
This is a tool that I had never used. Todd shows how invaluable this is for portrait retouching when a color-cast appears in certain areas of a photo.

16-Bit Burn and Soft Focus
I'm fully into digital photography but there's one thing I miss about developing my own film: using a hazy film filter. This lesson gave me insights on how to apply a hazy film filter look to digital photographs. The techniques in the last twenty minutes are alone worth the cost of this CD.


CD 3-Advanced Techniques I

Advanced BW Conversion
Dealing with black and white conversions is a breeze with Todd's ideas for getting the best end results. You won't ever choose grayscale again. His detailed techniques gave me a plethora of creative possibilities.

Moiré Removal
For that professional touch, now there is an easy way to get the rainbow effect to disappear with a selection or a brush technique.

Watercolor Technique
The watercolor look is so simple, now that I've gone through this lesson. This technique is made possible with a filter that is not normally associated with this artistic touch. It is a must for baby and wedding portraits.

Sepia and Hand-Tinting
Increased business is what these techniques promise for the professional photographer. Can't wait to use this on my next baby spread!

Advanced Retouching
Speed and Simplicity!!!!! Armed with these techniques, you'll amaze yourself with your creations.


CD 4-Advanced Techniques II

Advanced Image Sharpening
Sharpening images has always amazed me and I use it with all photographs, but Todd teaches new levels and variations that can make sharpening even more effective.

Advanced Layer Mask Workshop
For the most part, I have left the extraction tool alone. After hours of practice, it never gave me the results I was seeking. Todd has a trick that makes the extraction tool "child's play." You won't want to miss this. Masking will never be the same after you see this lesson! Todd's ideas are innovative, challenging, and rewarding... A MUST SEE!

Actions and Batch Processing
This lesson teaches you to automate and accelerate repetitive tasks on multiple documents! Creating actions will be a necessity after going through this lesson.

Web Gallery Workshop
Prior to this lesson, I avoided the Web Gallery because the colors, type and banners did not suit my style. Well, after learning Todd's customizing techniques I was able to do a photo gallery in GoLive 6 for a client who had an automobile accident. I simply cropped the series of 24 shots as I wanted, color corrected them, applied the filters, then let Web Gallery Workshop weave its magic.

I uploaded the resulting folder containing thumbnails, regular sized photos, and web pages as a sub directory of an existing website. The pages displayed perfectly and their operation was flawless. The client was able to choose the photos he wanted to show the insurance agency, show his friends, or keep for himself.

You probably know by now that I'm sold on this training product. Although I have taken many classes in Photoshop, this one gave me techniques and ideas that I've been seeking. It really got my creative juices flowing! The shortcuts, concepts and techniques are invaluable if you plan to do portrait photography.

In all, I would recommend buying the entire series, Todd Morrison's, Photoshop 7.0 for Portrait Photographers (4 CD's) for $185. It will be money well spent whether you are an amateur or a professional. If you only put one technique into practice from each CD, you could take your work to a whole new level.



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