The Fastest FireWire Drive
Money Can Buy.
© 1999 Rob Art Morgan, editor of BARE FEATS
 Since MacTell has stopped answering the phone, there's only one place you can get a Macintosh FireWire drive: VST.

I've been anxious to test the full height 22 gig VST since it matches the specs of the MacTell FirePower. Let's see how it does against the MacTell drive and a few other drives:


Turns out that the VST and MacTell 22 gigs are identical drives. Theoretically, they should post the same times. But since the MacTell is no longer sold, the VST becomes the fastest Macintosh FireWire drive you can buy... by default.

None of the FireWire drives tested were as fast as the 5400rpm Western Digital Caviar ATA/33 or the 7200rpm Western Digital Expert ATA/66 internal drives.

Just be thankful we now have a convenient hot swappable, portable drive technology with transfer rates at least 10 times faster than any USB drive.



Test Configurations & Procedures



...VST for the use of the Full Height FireWire drives

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© 1999 Rob Art Morgan, editor of BARE FEATS
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