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The Dual Duel - Various Multi-Processor Power Mac G4's Compared

May 15th, 2001
by rob ART morgan, Mac Scientist

Multiple processors are cool, man. And with the help of the upgrade angels, you can make almost any respectable Power Mac into a "dualie." I decided to compare Apple's factory dual G4 models with some of the newest dual G4 upgrade offerings including:
MACh Velocity MPe Dual G4/500 for "Beige" MiniTowers and Desktops
Carrier MPe Dual G4/400 for 7300's through 9600's, and certain clones
Duet Dual G4/500 for "AGP" and "Gigabit" Power Mac G4's.






(One of the charts missing above is Final Cut Pro 2.0.

Never fear, go HERE for those results.)



I drive a V-8 car with dual exhausts. I have two T.V.'s in my bedroom. I have two daughters. I've been married twice. I have two eyes, two ears and two legs. What else can I say? I'm a "dualist."

Even if Apple and Motorola and IBM manage to cough up 1000MHz+ G4's and G5's sometime in my lifetime, I really think DUAL G4 processors are THE HOT setup, especially if you are running OS X and/or applications like Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and Final Cut Pro which "know" about multiple CPU's. (One of the charts missing above is Final Cut Pro 2.0. Never fear, go HERE for those results.)

Sonnet's Duet G4/500 was every bit the equal of the "real" Dual 500. It's an almost painless way to supercharge your "Sawtooth" AGP or GigaBit G4 Desktop. If you have a G4 "Yikes" PCI, Sonnet has a single G4/500 upgrade but no dual G4 upgrade.

XLR8's Velocity (Beige) and Carrier (7300-9600) are powerful, compelling upgrades if you need more CPU crunch on your older Power Mac. The only down side is the slower system bus speed. For example, the 9600 didn't run Photoshop or iTunes nearly as fast as comparable "modern" G4 desktops. It also lagged way behind on 3D game speed, even with a Radeon PCI graphics card. But when pure CPU crunching is required (like for rendering video or 3D models), the XLR8 dual G4 upgrades are "smokin."

I hope XLR8 releases a model for the Blue'n'White G3's.

If you only use MS Office or FileMaker and other non-AltiVec, non-MP aware applications, then you don't need DUAL G4's. You'll be just as happy with the fastest single CPU like the 733MHz G4, as you can see from the FileMaker chart. And until games like Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournment are running in MP mode, you money is better spent on a Radeon or GeForce3.



Final Cut Pro 2.0 on various G4's

FireWire drive varies depending on model of Macintosh


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Sonnet Technologies sells the Duet Dual G4/500 for "AGP" and "Gigabit" Power Mac G4's at their online store.

XLR8 sells their MACh Velocity MPe G4/500 for "Beige" MiniTowers and Desktops and Carrier MPe Dual G4/400 for 7300 - 9600's at their online store.

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