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December 19th, 2007
written by Bet-TAY Morgan, "special features editor"

Educational Resource Review
Elite Video's "Nikon D200 Made Easy"

EliteVideo Nikon D200 Training is provided on two 55 minute DVDs demonstrating all the features and functions of the Nikon D200 digital camera plus shooting techniques and lens purchasing discussions.

Features and Functions
The feature and function menus are explained and demonstrated in a simple but detailed manner. After viewing both DVDs, I was able to take my Nikon D200 to "an experienced user level" without having to flip through a complicated manual. Seeing the features and menus in use makes learning the Nikon D200 a breeze! All you have to do is watch, copy the technique, and put it into action. I love being able to rewind and try the same technique performed by the Elite Video Instructor.

Every feature is demonstrated and explained including the continuous shooting mode, the shutter priority mode preset modes, flash settings, import settings, white balance settings, memory settings, display and playback modes, focus modes, set up, custom menus, histogram, and self timer. It even introduced me to features of the Nikon D200 that I didn't know existed.

Learning Made Fast & Easy
If the Nikon D200 does it, you will learn about it with the EliteVideo Nikon D200 Training. Without a lot of hard work, I became an expert in a few hours. I no longer need to use the auto mode for taking pictures. Now I can refine my photographic shooting techniques while experiencing the power of my new Nikon D200.

Topics Covered on the Elite Video Nikon D200 Training DVDs
Disc 1

Chapter 1
Installing Battery
Diopter Adjustment
Attaching the Lens

Chapter 2
Setting Date & Time

Chapter 3
Walk Around of the Camera
Quality Button
3 Levels of Compression
 - Fine
 - Normal
 - Basic
Setting Image Size
JPEG Compression
-        Size Priority
-        Optimal Quality

Chapter 4
Shooting Modes
-        Single
-        Continuous Low
-        Continuous High
-        Self Timer
-        Mirror Up
Image Playback
Zooming & Panning on Image
 - Single Frame Mode
 - Four Frame Mode
 - Nine Frame Mode
Accessing Info for each Picture

Chapter 5
Focusing Area Modes
Shooting Modes
Changing ISO
Long Exposure Noise Reduction
Continuous Shooting Mode & Predicting Focus

Chapter 6
White Balance Settings
 Chapter 7
What Type of Lens?
Aperture/Shutter Priority

Disc 2
Chapter 1
Different Kinds of Bracketing
-        Auto Bracketing Set
-        Manual Mode Bracketing
-        Auto Bracketing Order

Chapter 2
Optimize Image
Three Exposure Modes
Program Auto Shooting Modes
-        Changing Shutter Speeds & F Stops
Shutter Priority Mode
Aperture Priority Mode
Full Manual Mode
Exposure Compensation

Chapter 3
AE/AF Lock
Flash Mode
-        Red Eye
-        Slow Sync w) & w)out Red Eye
-        Rear Moving Object

Chapter 4
A Look at All of the Menus
Playback Menu
Custom Setting Menu
Bank Select
Menu Reset
Setup Menu
Recent Settings
Formatting Card
Making New Folders
Bonus Section
Raw Mode
Adobe Photo Shop 0.7
Digital Noise

Favorite Classes
For me, these classes were extremely helpful and the explanations are illustrated and demonstrated with actual photographic events. Also if you constantly wonder about what lens to purchase, this topic is covered in depth by two knowledgeable photographers arguing the pros and cons of all lenses.
* Aperture/Priority Mode *
* What Type of Lens *
* Depth of field secrets and settings *

I highly recommend the Elite Video Nikon D200 DVDs for anyone purchasing a Nikon D200. The DVD purchase includes free unlimited tech support via email or by calling their office at 800-468-1996.

Cost: $45
Order directly from

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