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February 21st, 2004
written by Betty Morgan, "special features editor"


We are very loyal to Adobe products around the Bare Feats lab. I've stuck with GoLive through thick and thin but it's been the one Adobe product Rob-ART never learned to love. He's been clinging to Claris HomePage (in Classic mode) all this time. He was curious about the CS version of GoLive so he downloaded the Tryout copy. He was impressed with the improved speed and features. He ordered the CS upgrade for himself before he ordered for me! I said, "Wait a minute. What about me?"

He suggested I first download the Trial copy from to see if I liked it. I was LOST! It was so new looking that it took a few hours to find my way around... and I'm a seasoned GoLive 6 user!

There were many new features and looks to Adobe GoLive CS. My biggest frustration was the lack of books or training tutorials for the new program. My favorite training websites ( and, did not offer any information or tutorials for the new version. I finally found that Total Training was offering a CD-ROM tutorial and decided to give it a try.

I had previously purchased their GoLive 6 CD-ROM and it was key to my success in moving up from GoLive 5. I have used other training tutorials from Total Training that have offered excellent informative "how-tos" with Adobe Products including Adobe Photoshop 7, Adobe InDesign 2, Adobe LiveMotion and Adobe Illustrator 10 -- all are part of my educational library.

When my GoLive CS CD-ROM from Total Training arrived, I immediately fired up my PowerBook G4 and started the tutorials. It was like having my own personal tutor for three hours. My instructor, Steve Holmes, lead me through an overview of the new GoLive CS. Then he took me through an in-depth instruction. Chapters on the training CD include:

1- Site Creation & Hierarchy Design

2- Intro Page Layout

3- Animated Gifs, Slices & Rollovers

4- Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

5- Smart Objects & Layers

6- Image maps & remote Rollovers

7- Layout Tricks & Components

8- Cool Browser Control

9- FTP Publishing

And all the "Work Along Project Files" are included!

CONCLUSION: This is a must have for all GoLive CS Owners! The cost is a mere $49 and it is worth the investment, whether you are a novice or experienced Web Designer.

WHERE TO ORDER "The Essentials of Adobe GoLive CS," call Total Training toll-free at 1-888-368-6825 (1-760-517-9001 outside the US) or order online at

All Total Training products come with a 30-day, money back guarantee.

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