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mini MIGHTY camera bag

By Bet-TAY, Special Features Editor
Posted April 22nd, 2009.


mini MIGHTY Bag:
Digital Holster™ 20 by ThinkTank Photo

Traveling with an SLR Digital Camera can be challenging. And one camera bag never seems to meet every need. For me, hiking in the forest or hillsides covered with snow made carrying my Nikon D200 flopping around a worrisome task. But the compact Digital Holster™ 20 is JUST RIGHT... an amazing design and every bit of a “Mini Mighty Bag”.

The Digital Holster™ 20
Upon arrival, right-out-of-the-box the Digital Holster™ 20 was noteworthy. This compact case is travel-worthy, tough, stands on its own and is masterfully designed. It fit my Nikon D200 fitted with the Nikon 18-200 mm lens like a glove! It also fits the Canon 5D, 10D, 20D, and 30D, and the Nikon D70, and D80. The best feature is that it doesn’t cry, “Camera BAG!”

Depending on the event I was photographing, I tried packing the Digital Holster™ 20 with several variations to see how much I could get into it! By unzipping the bottom, I could flip the Nikon SB800 Flash into a 90 degree angle and place it into the bottom of the bag. Next I removed the Rain-Cover from it’s pouch and pressed it around the flash attachment for added protection. The Removable Interior Divider fitted perfectly over both items to prevent the flash from bumping the lens attached to the Nikon D200.

The Interior Storage Pocket supplied room for two LensPens, two compact flash cards in their cases, and a LumiQuest Soft Screen. The side pocket provided space for one Nikon battery and the flat base holder for the Nikon SB800 Flash.

This configuration was compact and manageable. When I got to my destination, I attached the flash unit to the camera, zipped up the bottom of the bag and used the shoulder strap over my shoulder. For a few shots I removed the Nikon SB800 Flash from the camera and attached it to the stand for back lighting in some rooms.

Outdoor Hikes
For sporting my Nikon D200 on hikes in the snow, I attach the Digital Holster™ Harness to keep the Digital Holster™ 20 against my body without it flopping around with each step. The straps are fast to install and completely adjustable to fit any body type. I highly recommend ordering the Digital Holster™ Harness when you order the Digital Holster™ 20.

For those times when you only need one lens and little else, this is a dream of a bag! Get the Digital Holster™ 20 and the Digital Holster™ Harness to use for hiking or compact travel needs. You won’t be disappointed!

Other ThinkTank Photo Bags
No one camera bag will meet all your needs. Therefore, I highly recommend checking out the other bags by ThinkTank Photo. You will definitely find every configuration of camera bag and carrying device that you would ever want or need as a photographer. These are bags designed by digital camera professionals.

The Digital Holster™ 20 Features

Like any great bag, the Digital Holster™ 20  expands when needed. So if I want to take my long lens with a hood, I can unzip the bottom to allow for the longer length. And when using my 18-200 mm, I can zip the bottom closed and have a very compact bag to carry.

Interior Divider
An inner cushioned divider allows for a shorter lens to be stored below the camera. I have even unzipped the bottom and put my Nikon Flash into the bottom with the Interior Divider on top the separate it from the camera lens.

LCD Protector
An additional removable cushioned flap provides protection for the entire back of my Nikon D200... no fear of scratches on the LCD screen with this design built into the Digital Holster™ 20.

Inner Storage Pocket
Just inside the lid is a zippered clear plastic... I filled it with two Lens Pens, two compact flash cards and a flash diffusor.

Tripod Release
There is plenty of room to keep the “quick release plate” for my tripod attached to the camera body so I’m ready for setting up any shot quickly.

Right under the handle on the top of the Digital Holster™ 20 is a holder that allows for quick accessibility for business cards. It’s big enough to place about 25 cards so I can easily give them out to potential clients or friends whenever needed.

The Hardware
The bag is made of a “bullet-proof” material that seems indestructible. And every zipper is smooth working metal pulls with attached nylon cords to make accessing the compartments FAST and EASY!

A padded handle on the top of the Digital Holster™ 20 is the preferred way I like to transport my Nikon D200. But there is a non-slip shoulder strap provided with the bag that makes it easy to carry it over your shoulder or cross-body. The hardware for attaching to the bag is hefty and easily attaches or removes without any struggle or fingernail damage.

The Pockets
The side of the Digital Holster™ 20 has a full zipper pocket big enough for me to insert the flat stand for my Nikon Flash and an extra Nikon Battery.

Pro Speed Belt
For those who would like to carry the Digital Holster™ 20 on the Pro Modulus Speed Belt, the bag can be fitted to rotate or lock into position for easy accessibility.

Rain Cover
When it starts to mist, rain or snow, a cleverly shaped rain cover is tucked into the wall of the Digital Holster™ 20 interior wall. It provides coverage for the bag in the zipped or unzipped longer length. I suggest that you experiment with getting it attached so that in that emergency your frustration level will not rise. Warning: this is a “Seam-Sealed Rain Cover” not a waterproof covering. The Rain Cover can also be used to wrap around a smaller lens carried in the unzipped nose of the bag for added protection.

The Size

Interior Dimensions: 7.25” W x 8” - 11.5" H x 4.5” D

External Dimensions: 8” W x 9.5” - 12.5" H x 5” D

Weight: 15 ounces

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