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(PART 2) The G4/667 Shoots It Out With The G4/733 and Dual G4/533.

Posted March 23rd, 2001
rob ART morgan, mad Mac scientist



WINNER OF THIS SHOOTOUT: A tie between the G4/733 and the Dual G4/533. (Each won 3 of the 6 performance tests listed above.)

How does the "666.6" stand up? It gets beat not only by the 733 but the Dual 533 beats it in 4 out of 6 tests. It's not a "bad" machine, but with no SuperDrive and a higher price than the Dual 533, it's hard to imagine why anyone would buy it.

The SOLO 533 deserves "honorable mention." The G4/733 has a 37.5% faster clock speed, on-chip cache, multiple FPU's, and multiple Velocity Engines. Yet it was only 15.4% faster than the SOLO G3/533 (average of the above 6 tests).



Rick LePage has posted a comparison of the G4/733 to a Dual G4/500 and Single G4/400 on MacInTouch.

Read Dan Knight's reaction to these tests and his cost analysis on a page he calls, "One Brain Or Two?" (Low End Mac)

Which is faster, the Radeon or the GeForce2?

Read about the UN-optimized Photoshop 6.0 for Pentium fiasco.



Test machines:
G4/733 Power Mac
G4/667 Power Mac
Dual G4/533 Power Mac
Solo G4/533 Power Mac
Dual G4/500 Power Mac
Solo G4/500 Power Mac
MACh Velocity G4 MPe 66 Dual G4/500 in a Beige G3/266 MT
G3/500 ZIF upgrade in a Beige G3/266 MT

All machines had 256MB of RAM and Mac OS 9.1
For the Quake 3 Arena test, each had either a GeForce2 MX or Radeon graphics card.
Radeon PCI and AGP cards provided courtesy of
ATI Technologies

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